MMRDA devises ways to reduces cost of land acquisition.

Posted on : 19 Mar, 2012


Mumbai: The Mumbai Metropolitan Region Development Authority (MMRDA) is looking at ways to substantially reduce the cost of land acquisition for the Virar-Alibaug multi modal corridor and make the process simpler.
Instead of the usual compensation, the MMRDA is considering making the project-affected people stakeholders in the project. The authority plans to acquire more land than required, develop the land surrounding the project by improving connectivity and give the project-affected people plots on the extra land.

“This model of land acquisition is being extensively followed in Gujarat. The state government is in the process of making an amendment in the town planning scheme to make such methods of land acquisition easier for projects like the multi modal corridor. The state government has sent a proposal to the Central government regarding this,” Metropolitan Commissioner Rahul Asthana said.

The authority needs to acquire 1,261 hectares land for the project at an approximate cost of Rs 1,838 crore. While 170.2 hectare is forest land and 73 hectare is covered by mangroves or falls under the Coastal Regulation Zone area, a substantial amount is covered by farmlands. The total project will cost Rs 12,975 crore and will have dedicated bus lanes and metro rail routes. “This alternate method will reduce the cost of land acquisition substantially. We will also benefit from the development we bring about around the alignment,” Asthana said.

The MMRDA hopes to complete the land acquisition process in the next two years provided the amendment in the town planning scheme is passed. The authority aims to complete the first phase of this project from Navghar in Virar to Chirner by 2017 or 2018.

The first phase, which is 79 km long, will cost Rs 9,326 crore and connect major towns such as Virar, Bhiwandi, Kalyan, Dombivli, Panvel and Uran. The second phase, which is likely to have lesser traffic, will be taken up later and will stretch for 47 km from Chirner to Alibaug at a cost of Rs 3,649 crore. The second phase will provide connectivity to Pen, Vadhkal, Thal and Alibaug. “The Chief Minister has advised that we should take up this project as early as possible because of the number of people it is likely to benefit,” Asthana said.

The multi modal corridor will be connected to the Sewri-Nhava Mumbai Trans-Harbour Link.


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